Discover the four corners of Burundi! Climb on top of our hills, walk through our rain forests, navigate our lakes and sunbathe on our beaches. Burundi is the ideal place to spend an unforgettable vacation! Temperatures range from 28⁰C /82⁰ F along the clear, fresh waters of Lake Tanganyika in the lowlands of Bujumbura, but just an hour away in the central plateau region, temperatures average 20⁰C/68⁰ F. The highest mountain areas are cooler, averaging 16⁰C/60⁰ F.


The Burundian drummers known as Abatimbo in Kirundi play the sacred drums, which are an integral part of the rich Burundian cultural heritage.

You may also catch sight of our elegant female dancers who will leave you dreaming. Enjoy more the creativity of our craftsmen in age-old crafts such as  basketry, pottery, sculpture and painting continue to tell a tale on Burundian traditions and culture that has been handed down through generations


Moreover, you will enjoy the diversity of our cuisine, whose signature dish has been the unmistakable taste of the mukeke, a unique fish found only in the Lake Tanganyika. And since Bujumbura is a multi-cultural city that brings together people from not only rural Burundi, but also from neighbouring countries and others from further afield, the city prides itself in offering a culinary experience that is influenced by all these diverse peoples and cultures. There is much to see, do and enjoy during your stay in Burundi.