• A deficit of commercial hydroelectric power production of 300 MW.
  • The potential for commercial production of geothermal energy of 10 MW is not yet exploited.
  • Good potential for generating wind energy.
  • A huge potential for production of solar energy.


  • Public company ONATEL (landline, cellular telephony and internet) is in the process of being privatized.
  • The market for broadband internet is largely untapped.
  • Many opportunities after installation of fiber optics including e-administration and e-banking.

Manufacturing industries

  • Almost all manufactured consumer goods are imported, thus providing full opportunities in almost every industry.
  • Need for food products processing industry.
  • Need for industrial production of bulding materials such as glasses, profiles,metal sheet, tile, cement, etc.
  • Need for chemical industry and especi ally fertilizers for agriculture.
  • There is one textile industry with very limited technology.
  • Need for pharmaceutical industry.
  • Need for biodegradable packing industry.

Hotel and Tourism

  • Need to develop thalassotherapy activities.
  • Full opportunities to improve beach tourism and water sports on Lake Tanganyika.
  • Need to build hotels and other accommodation in national parks and other attraction infrastructures.
  • Ned to build high standing conference centers.
  • Insufficient high standard hotel capacity: Major international hotel chains are not represented.

Needs in maritime transport and port services

  • Improving the system for automated loading in the port of Bujumbura and its expansion to large container ships and other vessels for passengers.
  • Improving transport services of passengers and freight on Lake Tanganyika.
  • Link the Bujumbura port and the port of Durban through the construction and operationalization of a line of 200 km railway between Mpulungu and Kasama (Zambia).
  • Building a naval building site.
  • Install a cold chain at the port of Bujumbura.
  • New locomotives and wagons for central corridor as a multi-user Lake Railway, Dar Es Salaam to the port of Bujumbura via Kigoma.